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  • $1999.00 – TXL
  • $2299.00 – FULL/FULL XL
  • $2499.00 – QUEEN
  • $2999.00 – KING/CAL KING


Designer zipper cover 
Machine washable on gentle cycle.

Dual Phase Change Gel Memory Foam.
Temperature regulating foam.

Relief-TEX™ High Resilient Foam.
Working in concert with the Memory Foam Top layer the Relief-TEX™ allows The Sleeper to experience all of the pressure relieving and temperature regulating benefits of the top layer, all the while, allowing ease in shifting positions at night.

High Density support layer

Power Foundation Compatible

Manufactured in the USA.


  1. $1699.00 – Queen
  2. $1599.00. – TXL (requires 2 TXL for King)


Wireless Remote

Available in most bed sizes.

Preset Positions:

  1. SNORE. Slightly raises the head to help
    alleviate Snoring.
  2. ZERO G. Raises head and foot slightly to
    remove stress and pressure off the lower
  3. FLAT. Returns the Motion™ Foundation
    to the flat position.
  4. MEMORY POSITIONS. 2 buttons to preset
    your favorite positions.

For more information please contact a Relief Bed®
authorized dealer.


  • $129.00


  • Queen Size
  • Ventilated Memory Foam
  • Removable / Washable Zipper Cover
  • Manufactured in USA

Note: We have been manufacturing and selling this pillow for 10 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers.